June 1, 2010


by Kanye West: I’m so happy there is FINALLY a new track from Mr. West! Knowing there is a new track from Kanyeezy has completely made my week! The track sounds like the old Kanye…you know – the Kanye that rose the charts with albums College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation. Not so much the recent, gone crazy Kanye with 808s and Heartbreak.

The single is somewhat verbose and you can tell Kanye had a lot to say because at times, it seems like he could just keep going and going and going….But, with him being gone for so long he can really do anything he wants. He really has that much Power! The meaning behind this song is somewhat ambiguous. Some are speculating that Kanye is referencing his own power and arrogance, while others state he is referencing white power that is still prevalent in this country. Only time will tell what the true meaning of the song is or if people will stick to discussing the beat and melodic flow vs. the lyrics.

Me? I’m keeping this joint in heavy rotation. The track is definitely a club banger and I’m marking it as a ‘hit’. More importantly, one track means there are more to come. Good Ass Job is rumored to be the title of Kanye’s fourth album, set to release in September 2010. I’m counting down!

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  1. Love this song! Kanye’s back!!!

    Comment by ccsavgoingin — June 28, 2010 @ 11:30 am

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