April 19, 2011

Digital Doyennes

I had the honor of being a part of an event called Digital Doyennes: Wisdom from the Women who Lead in Social Media and Digital Innovation. Sponsored by the Digital Moving Image Salon of Spelman College and Women in Film and Television in Atlanta WIFTA, Digital Doyennes featured five amazing women who are changing the landspace of the social media space. We participated in a panel discussion and explored a number of issues and opportunities that present themselves to those of us living and working in social media. We talked about having a personal voice online as well as ways to promote a brand or cause. We also discussed the voids that we saw online and the ways that blogging, the web, and social media presented arenas where we could make a difference. It was a spirited discussion with a group that represents social media and diversity. I was extremely thankful to sit amongst women whose accomplishments I have long admired.

In addition to myself, the panel featured the following women:

Each panelist had their unique perspective of how social media has influenced them personally and professionally. We also detailed the work that we are involved in, how we feel women are influencing social media, as well as how social media will change in the future.

In true social media form, the event was live streamed so viewers could participate virtually and physically. If you did not have the opportunity to attend Digital Doyennes, you can view the recording below:

April 18, 2011

House of Balloons

by The Weeknd: Just when I thought music could get no better with Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, challenged me and won. The first album of what is expected to be a trilogy has completely changed my music game. The Weeknd completed 9 tracks, some lasting more than 7 minutes, that remind me of the sexuality that Rick James and Marvin Gaye shared through music in the 70s and 80s. This is not popular music. This music is dark and sensual. If you ever have a “memory” while playing a song off the album, TRUST me – the memory will last forever and you will so kindly be reminded every time you hear the track. Every song on the album is a winner. Each track presents a different mood and vibe, but is still sexy to the core.

I’m always in support of my youngins. The Weeknd is 20 and he gets it. He released House of Balloons on his website a couple weeks ago. He gave away this beautifully crafted masterpiece for free, allowing it to spread organically. The Weeknd has taken word of mouth marketing to a different level. People are talking about his music via social networks but no one knows what the man looks like! He could resemble a monster and I don’t think anyone would care at this point. If you were to do a Google search for “The Weeknd” a month ago, you would have gotten the result: >Did you mean: The Weekend. Now, the page is filled with results of the artist’s mentions including his website, Twitter page, Wikipedia entry (YES! He has a Wiki entry now…He’s Official!), blog posts and mainstream news. If The Weeknd is getting this much love off his first mixtape, I can only imagine what the two follow-up albums will bring. Also coming from Ontario, The Weeknd may just be the R&B version of Drake. If so, the future of R&B will forever be changed. Download and listen to the album that will change your life :)

This is my favorite song on the album…today that is:

April 17, 2011

Nostalgia, Ultra.

by Frank Ocean: R&B has had an interesting turn the last few weeks. My cd player fell in love with Frank Ocean. The singer, song-writer, producer has delivered exactly what the music scene is missing. The words to one of his tracks, We All Try, got me hooked the first time I listened. More than the normal song topics of dating girls, going to the club, and popping bottles, Nostalgia, Ultra covers the controversial topics of abortion, sinning, and the not-so real fairytale American Wedding.

The super-creative type goes beyond traditional R&B chords to sampling songs by The Eagles, Coldplay and MGMT. The best sample, in my opinion, is B*tches Talkin which features Radiohead’s Optimistic. Although only a interlude, the track should have been a complete single.

The beauty of this album is that you can play it from beginning to end and feel something new everytime you listen. There are songs that you may only like and end up loving. Then, there are the songs that you think are a little weird and you find yourself singing allllll day. With a mixture of sounds and talent that reminds me of Ryan Leslie, Frank Ocean has a long future ahead of him. Check out one of my favorite tracks, Songs for Women, below and you can download the full album here.

P.S. Frank Ocan can never become first name status. “Frank” sounds whack. It sound’s like the name of somebody’s uncle. Frank Ocean is better. Frank O is dope :)

February 23, 2011


by Adele: There has been a recent craze over Adele and I must admit, that I’m a member of her growing fan base! Although, I can say I have been an avid listener of 19, Adele’s debut album, since 2008! I love EVERYTHING about Adele and I don’t think there are any artists out like her. She has such a unique sound, creating a blend of jazz, soul, folk, and a little blues. Every time I hear her voice, she makes me overcome with emotion and a happy calmness, regardless of the good or bad memories that are on my mind. I even love that Adele is from the UK and not the US – bringing to light that such great talent hardly comes from the US.

Adele’s most recent album, 21, officially released yesterday in the US. I’ve had the album for about a week, but to be honest I have played #10 on RE-peat. That’s Rolling in the Deep for all of you without the cd. The album is a portrayal of the same soulful Adele, but with a richer sound and a matured voice. You can hear her heartbreak and troubles with love in every track. Shame to the man who did her wrong! But, I can say that he contributed to the creation of some of the best music that will forever be timeless.

I am encouraging everyone I know to get 21…and 19 while you are at it. Every note brings hope that there is a future in music. Real music that is. Check out the video for track #10 below…

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January 11, 2011


by Kanye West ft. Jay-Z: Ever since I could remember my definition of H.A.M. was used to describe girls who tried too hard: Hot Ass Mess. Kanye has reinvented the term and has collaborated with Jay Z to make the hottest song of 2011 so far. We are only 11 days in, but I’ve been H.A.M. ever since I heard the track. H.A.M. – which stands for Hard a Muthafucka –  is about to be a club banger. The beat is hard and although it doesn’t sound like typical Kanye, it’s just what his fans want. It’s never a secret that I’m a humng-O Kanye fan and I’m stoked this is the first single from a collaborative album with Jay-Z. The album, Watch the Throne, is reportedly set to be released on March 1. I’m starting my countdown now.

Listen to the single on the Watch the Throne Facebook page. Be prepared to go H.A.M.

July 2, 2010


I had the pleasure of producing the social media experience for Swagg in Los Angeles this past weekend. Swagg gave away tickets to the Atlantic Records BET Awards post-show dinner to Twitter users who used the hashtag #swaggLA. There was also a tweet-up held to give away tickets to the BET Awards and the only way attendees could learn of the location was by following @swaggmobile on Twitter.

Sarah Evans and Necole Bitchie where on deck to host the main event on Sunday evening: The Atlantic Records BET Awards post-show dinner. The social media rockstars interviewed celebrities to inquire about their mobile and technology swagg. I, doublefisted, was tasked with tweeting the event live + sharing photo and audio content with online followers as the event occured. It’s so cool to be behind the scenes and see content come to fruition online. There are so many photos from the event, and I’m sure music and techie fans will love the celeb videos that are to be shared online soon! Check out the video below of my homie @PRsarahevans as she interviews our “Honorary SWAGG Correspondent”, Jermaine Dupri.

YouTube Preview Image

June 1, 2010


by Kanye West: I’m so happy there is FINALLY a new track from Mr. West! Knowing there is a new track from Kanyeezy has completely made my week! The track sounds like the old Kanye…you know – the Kanye that rose the charts with albums College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation. Not so much the recent, gone crazy Kanye with 808s and Heartbreak.

The single is somewhat verbose and you can tell Kanye had a lot to say because at times, it seems like he could just keep going and going and going….But, with him being gone for so long he can really do anything he wants. He really has that much Power! The meaning behind this song is somewhat ambiguous. Some are speculating that Kanye is referencing his own power and arrogance, while others state he is referencing white power that is still prevalent in this country. Only time will tell what the true meaning of the song is or if people will stick to discussing the beat and melodic flow vs. the lyrics.

Me? I’m keeping this joint in heavy rotation. The track is definitely a club banger and I’m marking it as a ‘hit’. More importantly, one track means there are more to come. Good Ass Job is rumored to be the title of Kanye’s fourth album, set to release in September 2010. I’m counting down!

YouTube Preview Image

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Saturday Love

by Alexander O’Neal and Cherrelle: Talk about a song that will get you up in the morning! This came on my Pandora channel this morning and I was JAMMIN in the shower. Yall would have thought I was performing at the Apollo!  This was not on my mom’s initial playlist, but this needs to be the first of many songs that will be added via Download List #2.

May 26, 2010

Don’t Ask My Neighbors

by The Emotions: I’m posting songs that I downloaded for my mom on her iPod, but I like these songs just as much – if not more – than my mom! I love this group and I love this song. Yall remember back in January when I couldn’t figure out the song that kept playing in my head? My parents and friends thought I was crazy…but I finally figured out the song because of this track. I knew that song, Flowers, had tones that sounded very similar to the tones on this one. This song will make me get up, grab something that can play as a mic and pretend I was one of the Hutchinson sisters. You better hope this song never comes on in a public place because karaoke or not, I’m breaking out my best vocal performance – and if you know how I sing, that isn’t saying very much lol

YouTube Preview Image

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Yo Side of the Bed

by Trey Songz: Ok…so I want to renig on the post I made last night about Chris Brown. I really thought Chris Breezy had a chance at coming back with his new sex-inspired video similar to what Trey Songz has been doing recently. But, Trey definitely shut that down today when he premiered this new video. I’m not sure if his Marketing team just happened to release the video today or if they were that smart to stop the conversation about Chris Brown before it even started. Regardless = his team is brilliant. On to the video…

I watched the video during the lunch break of a training and whew! I was SO glad I wore my glasses today because the tears definitely came down! This video is so sad :( It is so realistic and although my boyfriend nor I fit those roles of Trey Songz and Keri Hilson as a married couple with the wife in the army, I felt their pain. I saw myself in their shoes and it broke my heart.

I’ve watched the video twice since then and I’ve cried each time. As I write this post laying in my bed, I look at my boyfriend’s “side of the bed” and the thought of him leaving and not coming back kills me. So many couples deal with the fear of their loved one being deployed. Even worse is the fear of soldiers ringing your doorbell with bad news. That is so powerful and life-changing!

I guess when I first heard the song on the Ready album months ago, I thought Trey was going to create another sexually based video. I was so wrong…

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